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About Us

Enthuse Music is a team of two professional musicians: Victor Khomyak and Mikhail Yurikov. From the very childhood, each of us persevered in music and in 2014, we gathered and created our own music studio. At the moment, we participated in more than 30 projects to create games, wrote more than a dozen arrangements, constantly practiced in mixing and mastering. The constant circulation of old customers, says that they trust us. We constantly follow the latest trends and try to keep up with the times.

Our advantages

Additional conditions are discussed separately. We always go to meet our customers.

An approach

We always listen to the desire of our customers. All work is under your guidance.


You will always be aware of the stages at which now project. No immediate results.


We work just in time and whenever possible very quickly.


We always save your projects and, if necessary, we can return to them.


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